CV & JAB @ Ambient Church, 11/10/2017

Wow this is exquisite. Apparently, if you shock mycelium with electricity, the organism freaks out and starts producing mushrooms to cast its precious spores. The before, during, and after of that whole process is evoked during this CV & JAB set at Brian Sweeny’s Ambient Church series in Brooklyn. Set this one full screen and enjoy Eric Epstein‘s projections, reminiscent of a hyper-closeup of the photons within the northern lights.

CV & JAB is the relatively new collaboration Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett, each very much so real deals in their own respects. CV was one half of The Dead Texan  and has been developing her canon of ambient-inspired music for classical strings across a number of releases for Kranky (rising to the top of that niche the label made its name on). JAB has been known as serious ambient jammer for a long while now as part of Seabat, and you’ll can find him these days playing flute and shooting sequences in Forma. The YouTube description says the pair has a record coming out on Shelter Press, really a good label.

This video was captured by Simone Films.


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