Forced Into Femininity @ INC Miami, 2/11/2017

There was a moment when it seemed like Jill Lloyd Flanagan might never come back to Chicago, just touring for months on end as Forced Into Femininity. Stories got around about JLF’s performance at INC in Miami, and we can now log went outside and climbed on top of a double decker bus in the annals of Forced Into Femininity stage antics including but not limited to: rubbing bugs on people’s faces, shrieking inside of a garbage can, taking cigarettes out of people’s hands and making other people smoke them while giving someone a piggyback ride, spraying hairspray everywhere, animatronic insect.

You may know JLF from Coughs or Gula Gila, or maybe you caught one of the countless Forced Into Femininity performances from that massive tour and had it burned into your brain. Well, hopefully you did, because the Forced Into Femininity project is on a brief hiatus for now. In the mean time, catch up on the recordings from Decoherence and Hausu Mountain, or catch JLF in one of two new bands, CB Radio Gorgeous and Hagspittle.

This video was shot by Andrew Chadwick at Churchill’s during the International Noise Conference, organized by Rat Bastard.


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