Hexbreaker Trio @ Buckland Museum, 9/1/2017

This is the astral-traveling drone set you’d hope would be performed in a museum of witchcraft paraphernalia and ephemera. The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft & Magick is a relatively new open in Cleveland, housing he collection of influential Wiccan, the recently departed Raymond Buckland. The gallery’s curators Jillian Slane and Steven Intermill worked with Buckland to obtain the collection after the previous entity who bought the collection was selling off some of the curios on eBay. Fine collection of relics, many a story about the curious cat RB.

Hexbreaker Trio is a permutation of the phenomenal Hexbreaker Quintet, which itself is the supergroup of Telecult Powers and Grasshopper. This performance features Steven Intermill himself and Jesse DeRosa (aka Shingles) (wow that’s a lot of project names), and took place while one of them was recovering from a debilitating illness. The lazy move here would be to say “they’re working out some demons in this one, folks!” but I can’t even commit to that one since you literally can’t pay the Buck enough money to let the resident demon out of its little metal box. People have tried, as Raymond Buckland himself warned they would.

This video was filmed by Rob Galo.


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