Ghost In Salad @ Elastic Arts, 10/29/2017

Maybe you heard a couple of years back that you must see Hunnie Bunnies (likely on that tour with Oracle plus) and you didn’t bother. That was a mistake, since they haven’t been on the road recently and who knows when they will put the act together again. Since, Mark Johnson has focused on his phenomenal noisy beat-based project Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams, and Jeff Johnson has continued the Hunnie Bunnies performance tradition with Ghost In Salad.

In the past year, I’ve seen a few Ghost In Salad characters: a caterpillar that becomes a man, a fly, and, for this tour, a… different fly?? Not totally sure, not at all important. Apparently he barely ever repeats a performance, with new costumes and everything each time, excepting consecutive tour dates. Some elaborate, dark shit this time around. About as inventive as you’ll see these days, with a costume like nothing else and some gorgeous video JJ made himself.

This video was shot by Erica Mei Gamble at a show organized by Julia Dratel.


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