Andrea Pensado @ Elastic Arts, 8/5/2017

Make this video full screen, turn it up loud, and watch the whole thing. This is what Andrea Pensado does and it is chilling. We’re lucky that she’s one of those performers whose live work actually translates to video so well, and the security cam angle here lends the whole affair an especially haunting quality. You feel just like you’re trapped in a prison cell with a ghoul, right? Oo!

The Argentina-born AP has been a Massachusetts scene presence for well well over a decade at this point, doing solo performance work making computer music something truly freaky as well as playing in the bands Phurnne (also an incredible project, alongside Jen Gellineau and Stephanie Germaine) and Los Condenados.

This video was shot by Erica Gamble at a show organized by Julia Dratel.


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