Crank Sturgeon @ Art Rat Studios, 7/8/2017

Actually, choosing a Crank Sturgeon video to post is incredibly difficult. Probably worth doing a whole post on his stuff, but for the time being here’s Crank in full freak mode last summer. Probably the master of the contact mic, Crank uses it here to trigger a series of little gadgets and capture his strange whistling, breathing, and words. A+ slapstick here, what with the big belly and the pants falling down.

Crank Sturgeon, for me at least, is who comes to mind when I think New England freak scene. He’s a constant well of creative performance ideas and resourcefulness for wringing noise from this or that old thing. First time I saw him, he had stretched out many feet of packing tape and was playing it like some big string instrument.

Be sure to check out Crank’s website, which is a total assault on the sense and also where you can buy the very excellent contact mics that he builds.

This video was posted by sacredeyecon, shot during AfterMAF 2017 at Art Rat Studios in Roanoke, VA.