RP Boo @ Elastic Arts 10/13/2017

Here’s another one from the Hurricane Maria benefit a couple of months back. Erica Mei Gamble filmed this one too. I’ve really never seen someone flip a switch and get an entire dance floor moving like RP Boo did. Literally every single person in the room was boogying, it was something else. Boo flipped “Funky Town” cementing the best vibe in the world.

This guy gets the credit for inventing footwork, but for my money RP Boo deserves a reputation as one of the most exact music-makers working today. If anyone understands the that music is a thing of joy, it’s Boo. His wife (whose name I forget and feel very bad about that) came out to blog about the event but I can’t find that blog post, most likely because I don’t remember her name.



Ghost In Salad @ Elastic Arts, 10/29/2017

Maybe you heard a couple of years back that you must see Hunnie Bunnies (likely on that tour with Oracle plus) and you didn’t bother. That was a mistake, since they haven’t been on the road recently and who knows when they will put the act together again. Since, Mark Johnson has focused on his phenomenal noisy beat-based project Truck Stanley’s Night Dreams, and Jeff Johnson has continued the Hunnie Bunnies performance tradition with Ghost In Salad.

In the past year, I’ve seen a few Ghost In Salad characters: a caterpillar that becomes a man, a fly, and, for this tour, a… different fly?? Not totally sure, not at all important. Apparently he barely ever repeats a performance, with new costumes and everything each time, excepting consecutive tour dates. Some elaborate, dark shit this time around. About as inventive as you’ll see these days, with a costume like nothing else and some gorgeous video JJ made himself.

This video was shot by Erica Mei Gamble at a show organized by Julia Dratel.


Blacker Face @ Elastic Arts, 10/13/2017

Ahhh Blackerface!! Force of freaking nature. Blacker Face is a lot of things at once: activist post-post-post-punk, a prog band, confrontational, good as hell performers. They’ve been going for a few years now, but have really started burning hot in the 2017, also known as the year of atomic dumpster fire. Seeing Blacker Face live leaves you good and sweaty, and likely chewing on a rant frontperson Jolene W/E gave about white people. Jolene is really good at railing against white people. Really really good at it.

This one was filmed by Erica Mei Gamble at a benefit for Hurricane Maria relief I put together with the help of Ben Baker Billington. The RP Boo set from this night is forthcoming, and maybe I’ll up the little talk from the Logan Square Neighborhood Association as well.