100% Pro​-​Monarchist X​-​tra Kone Radio

Your host is positively thrilled to serve up the first item on Groove Cafe’s 2019 menu, the phenomenal digital album/radio broadcast by Goodiepal & Pals, 100% Pro​-​Monarchist X​-​tra Kone Radio. It’s a mind-boggling two hours of, as the tag says, “pure anti-totalitarian communism straight to your radio.”

That means talk about Denmark’s racist refugee policy and the long tail of colonialism, blistering tekno rock in that’s sort of sounds like Henry Cow, musings on Gabber, demented electronic jams, anti–police poetry, and a half-hour of totally warped free music. It’s a journey, very worth your $10. Hell, play it on the actual radio if you want. I’m sure the Pals would appreciate that.

The collaboration between Goodiepal and Groove Cafe started when I put together a screening of The Goodiepal Equation at Digital Art Demo Space here in Chicago. While listening to an episode of the Are.an podcast featuring GP&PLS, I learned that the band is traveling Europe to work with refugees seeking asylum (state-sanctioned or otherwise) in the EU. That podcast is really worth listening to for some information about their activism. They talk about buying phone cards to refugees can contact their families and shoes for when the refugees must run from police, of the members of the bands who can’t tour with the GP&PLS since they are forbidden from leaving the refugee camps where they wait in legal purgatory.

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