Kaori Suzuki @ Studio Grand, 4/3/2017

Stunning synth drone brimming with tension from Kaori Suzuki. The Oakland artist deals in that timeless style of modular synth work surveying that puzzling area between overtones. It reconfigures how sound works in spaces, like rooms or grey substrate between ears. When tones are so often means to an end, it’s always remarkable when an artist so deftly concentrates on just a few.

Suzuki builds synths as well as playing them, and founded the synth company Magic Echo Music. They made a really neat device to let a computer control a Serge synthesizer, that legendary synth system designed by a mad genius professor at Cal Arts in the 70s.

This video was shot by Bill Russell at Studio Grand in Oakland.


Oracle Plus @ Temescal Arts Center, 9/10/2017

This is the best. Video, abstract music, sculpture, costume, ritual — Oakland’s Oracle Plus blends it all together, elevating to transcendent performance.

Here we see something of a preparation seminar on the apocalypse of all consciousness. The title of the performance is “Eternal Viewing Options,” and taken most literally our viewing options into eternity include an egg, a video mirrored on itself, masks, and from time to time, the Oakland-based sisters Steph and Miel Lister themselves. By the time it gets to the mangled pseudo-QVC segment, perhaps you too will get the feeling that Oracle Plus has elevated this scramble of ideas and approaches to the most exquisite omelet.

This video is hosted by Pilastr Agonistes, who may have shot this video at its performance in Oakland, CA.