Forced Into Femininity @ INC Miami, 2/11/2017

There was a moment when it seemed like Jill Lloyd Flanagan might never come back to Chicago, just touring for months on end as Forced Into Femininity. Stories got around about JLF’s performance at INC in Miami, and we can now log went outside and climbed on top of a double decker bus in the annals of Forced Into Femininity stage antics including but not limited to: rubbing bugs on people’s faces, shrieking inside of a garbage can, taking cigarettes out of people’s hands and making other people smoke them while giving someone a piggyback ride, spraying hairspray everywhere, animatronic insect.

You may know JLF from Coughs or Gula Gila, or maybe you caught one of the countless Forced Into Femininity performances from that massive tour and had it burned into your brain. Well, hopefully you did, because the Forced Into Femininity project is on a brief hiatus for now. In the mean time, catch up on the recordings from Decoherence and Hausu Mountain, or catch JLF in one of two new bands, CB Radio Gorgeous and Hagspittle.

This video was shot by Andrew Chadwick at Churchill’s during the International Noise Conference, organized by Rat Bastard.


CV & JAB @ Ambient Church, 11/10/2017

Wow this is exquisite. Apparently, if you shock mycelium with electricity, the organism freaks out and starts producing mushrooms to cast its precious spores. The before, during, and after of that whole process is evoked during this CV & JAB set at Brian Sweeny’s Ambient Church series in Brooklyn. Set this one full screen and enjoy Eric Epstein‘s projections, reminiscent of a hyper-closeup of the photons within the northern lights.

CV & JAB is the relatively new collaboration Christina Vantzou and John Also Bennett, each very much so real deals in their own respects. CV was one half of The Dead Texan  and has been developing her canon of ambient-inspired music for classical strings across a number of releases for Kranky (rising to the top of that niche the label made its name on). JAB has been known as serious ambient jammer for a long while now as part of Seabat, and you’ll can find him these days playing flute and shooting sequences in Forma. The YouTube description says the pair has a record coming out on Shelter Press, really a good label.

This video was captured by Simone Films.


Fastness @ The Compound, 2/5/2017

You have to hear the Fastness album that came out this year. Emme Williams wrote a batch of songs that’s like a Big Gulp full of all the sodas blended together (a “suicide” I believe?) but instead you’re sipping all of the human emotions. Fastness’s singular electric piano vocal jazz is a classic example of “they just don’t make it like they never used to, anymore.” In this host’s opinion, the two Chicago songwriters who should be putting out records on the biggest labels doing it are EW and Brett Koontz.

This may be the last performance Fastness has done with a full band, and it’s a real delight to hear the EW’s material get this exquisite jazzy treatment. The way EW uses her voice and piano as one instrument puts her performance front and center always, and that means she managed to make some real heavy hitters melt into the background here. In this video, she’s joined by Carlos Chavarria on sax (of ADT, Tarnation), John Daniel (computer ambient maven behind Forest Management) on drums, and Brian Sulpizio (aka Health & Beauty) on guitar. Beautiful performance from a fleeting combo. Really, check out that tape.

This video was shot by Erica Mei Gamble at a show organized by Emme Williams.

— Host

Surfactant @ Club Rectum, 3/4/2017

This one was shot at a benefit for Planned Parenthood earlier this year. On top of it being a night when several of Chicago’s top femmes of the DIY scene threw the fuck down in front of a pulsing hoard partying for a righteous cause — it was sweaty even by Rectum standards — it marked the special occasion when Whitney Allen and Whitney Johnson finally got together for a collaboration they were talking about for years. The long-running idea was to find a third Whitney and call the project Whitney, but the name was snatched by, well, some dudes. Classic.

Whitney Allen is the seething freak fronting noise rock faves Toupée (as well as related projects Columba Fasciata, Blood Licker) who has been performing solo recently as Couteau Sang with a series of terrifying masks and wind instruments. Whitney Johnson’s solo project Matchess has long been one of the best ambient acts in town, and she’s recently staking out territory as a contemporary master of tape manipulation. WJ also plays viola in Circuits Des Yeux. Anyway, this is one of those collaborations that doesn’t totally make sense until you hear it, then it makes total sense.

This video was shot by Erica Mei Gamble at a Planned Parenthood Benefit organized by Jenny Polus and Karina Natis.

— Host

Travis DJ PTSD @ Elastic Arts, 8/15/2017

Hard to think of a more remarkable member of the Chicago scene than Travis. There’s a good chance he’ll go down as rock and roll’s last great frontman if the historians manage to drag their asses to an ONO show (they tour pretty regularly, btw). Audiences are consistently floored as this super fit dude in his 70s hollers “I dream of sodomy!” or does that classic number about the Tuskegee syphilis experiments.

DJ PTSD is Travis’s solo performance project and it really is something else. Much of his performance is original work about the violence — structural but nonetheless very real, very physical violence — he’s been privy to as a black, queer American living since the (original) Jim Crow era. He has been known, though, to perform some Julius Eastman from time to time. For some context on the moniker, Travis is a former Navy man and a ‘Nam vet. Shortly after the war, he was tapped by P Michael Grego to front ONO, and the rest is a history that we should really tell here sometime.

This video was shot by Erica Mei Gamble at a show organized by Julia Dratel.