Ana Roxanne @ Betalevel, 10/21/2017

January 31, 2018
by host

Look at this audience rapt, totally lost in those slow motion waves projecting from the screen. You know how hard it is to get every single person in the room on board for something so mellow, so meditative. But you can hear how still everyone is when Ana Roxanne takes a break to grab a beer. They’re waiting.

AR’s Bandcamp contextualizes the Los Angeles musician’s approach: “southeast asian devotional music. an offering to the romantics, spirit people, and the great R&B divas of the 20th century.” But it doesn’t speak to the way that sounds get melt into each other, differentiating themselves as frays in this continuous, flowing fabric of drones and long-held vocal tones.

This video was shot and edited by The Royal Academy of Nuts and Bolts.



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