Groove Café is a project building community in underground music, and helping underground music build the community within and around it.

We publish compiled knowledge, distribute helpful materials, run a benefit record label, throw shows, and really enjoy good parties.

Groove Café was founded by Mike Sugarman, aka your host.

Recently, the Groove Café project has expanded to a really great team including (in totally arbitrary order):

  • Erica Gamble
  • Lexi Bond
  • Nina Wexelblatt
  • Doktar Spazz
  • Molly
  • Glenna Fitch
  • Spencer Davis
  • Tim Nordberg
  • Rob Sevier

The excellent Drew Ryan designed our logo.

Eternal thanks to Jonathan Wiliger and Jill Flanagan.

Site designed by Mike Sugarman with inspiration and invaluable input from Nina Wexelblatt

Email host@groove.cafe to get in touch.

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