Groove du Jour: The ADT Cornucopia

March 20, 2018
by host

ADT’s new record Insecurities is totally fricking phenomenal. It’s also something of a moment for the Chicago scene. Yes, Insecurities is the culmination of years of work by one of the most exciting bands in town. But it’s also a snapshot of a group of players who come from all these different pockets of the Chicago scene, making the band something of a local super group.

So, to give you a little context for who these people are and what they do. Here are a whole bunch of videos of members of ADT playing in other projects. Most of these videos were shot by the incredibly Erica Gamble. Ok, let’s do this alphabetically by band member.

Jake Acosta

Jake Acosta writes the songs for and leads the sophisitipop band Famous Laughs.

He used to perform solo as Jazz Baat (in this video joined by fellow ADT member Carlos Chavarria)

Now he performs solo under his own name.

And, lastly, also plays in a trip band with me, your host, called Organsm.

Ben Baker Billington

Ben Baker Billington is probably best known as the drummer of Tiger Hatchery.

He also drums in the best rock band in America, ONO.

And in TCB with fellow ADT members Adam Tramposh and Carlos Chavarria.

Last but far from least, BBB’s solo electronic project is the formidable Quicksails.

Carlos Chavarria

Carlos Chavarria plays with Adam Tramposh in the fusiony Inclusions.

CC’s main project for a long time was his band Tarnation.

In addition to playing in TCB and alongside Jake Acosta, CC plays with Emme Williams’s Fastness project from time to time.

Kyle Drouin

Kyle Drouin has been playing as BANAL ANML for a long time, doing a ton of different things with the project.

He’s joined by Carlos Chavarria for this set.

This set features Ben Baker Billington on drums.

Adam Tramposh

Adam Tramposh has two solo projects, both excellent. He plays his piano compositions as American Landscape Painting.

And does fantastic komische synth work as Polymer Slug.


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