Weekly Specials 04: MrDougDoug

July 02, 2020
by host

Total freak shit courtesy of MrDougDoug -- a radio broadcast straight from the clown vortex. Very few words about this one, just subliminal messages straight to your cranium.

Doug is one of the co-founders of Hausu Mountain and a member of Good Willsmith. He's also one of the oldest, dearest friends of Groove Café's host in music, so it really is a special moment to share his mix on this platform. Enjoy!

Today is also Doug's birthday, and he's been requesting people donate to any of the following organizations:

Brave Space Alliance

The Night Ministry

My Block, My Hood, My City

Elastic Arts



  1. Snakefinger - “Shining Faces (I Am Nino)”
  2. The Frogs - “I’ve Got Drugs (Out of the Mist)”
  3. Joni Mitchell - “My Best To You”
  4. Ween - “Pork Roll Egg And Cheese”
  5. Mohammed Rafi & Sulakshana Pandit - “Jare Ja Jare Ja”
  6. Miles Davis - “Human Nature” (OG Michael Jackson)
  7. Serban Cira - “Hot Diggidy Dog”
  8. Rizan Said - “High Tension Zamer”
  9. Sash! - “Ecuador”
  10. African Head Charge - “Fever Pitch”
  11. Yellowman - “Another Saturday Night” (OG Sam Cooke)
  12. Constance Demby - “Om Mani Padme Hum”
  13. John Oswald - “Dolly Parton - Pretender”
  14. Michael Gordon / Alarm Will Sound - “Yo Shakespeare”
  15. Yanni - “Standing In Motion”
  16. Hula - “Hot Hands”
  17. Douglas Kahn - “Reagan Speaks For Himself”
  18. Les Paul & Mary Ford - “Tennessee Waltz” (OG Pee Wee King)
  19. Exuma - “Zandoo”
  20. Ananda Shankar - “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (OG Rolling Stones)
  21. The Grid - “Swamp Thing”
  22. Boris & Michio Kurihara - “Rainbow”
  23. Adem - “To Cure A Weakling Child // Girl/Boy Song” (OG Aphex Twin)
  24. Nerftoss - “Low/Highway”
  25. Raymond Scott - “In the Hall of the Mountain Queen”
  26. Jerry Garcia Band - “Shining Star” (OG The Manhattans)


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