Groove Cafe is a place run by members of the underground music community to post videos, articles, and other things that help us get to know each other and do our thing better.

We come from the experimental side of things, but we routinely work and party with all sorts of amazing performers, artists, DJs, and promotors. We’re trying to represent them too.

Get in touch via our contact form if you have a video you’d like for us to post. Give us a little info about the people involved with it and the scene that it comes from.

Groove Cafe posts work from all over the American underground. It’s run by people making decisions about what should be put up (and what’s good, and who should be covered) but we really want to hear from you if we’re missing something. The best way to change Groove Cafe is to film the music and performance happening near you and send us a link to a video on your own account.

A list of people who will be actively excluded from Groove Cafe includes but is not limited to: fascists, people who play fascist “for fun”, known abusers, people who just a few people know are abusers, all manner of fuckheads.

Freaks, friends, and the rest are welcome.

This is the first version of Groove Cafe, but every version of this website will be a passion project. Right now, our contributors are putting stuff up here because we think there needs to be a place for this music online. We can’t in good faith ask people to contribute anything for free. But if you’d like to contribute for free anyway, do get in touch.

This is a publication, but a unique one based on the needs of our community. We don’t plan on running ads to support it, and therefore running posts to support those ad sales, and so on and so forth. The plan is to use freely available tools to build a sustainable scene resource and raise funding for additional needs through grants and Patreon. Funds will go to building a website, paying for hosting, paying contributors, and paying the editor, in that order. There will inevitably be additional costs.

There will be associated projects.

This little old cafe is a place for joy.

Host/Editor: Mike Sugarman

Video Honcho: Erica Mei Gamble