Club Groove Café Schedule

March 19, 2020 (all times EST)

MIT DJs takeover Groove Café, featuring party-starter staff and grad students in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies department, Center for Civic Media, and Media Lab
4 PM: Philip Tan
5 PM to 7 PM: A Side/B Side with Anna Chung and Ben Silverman
7 PM: Host (aka Mike Sugarman)
8 PM: Andres Rico
9 PM: Pedro Reynolds-Cuellar
10 PM: Rubez Chong

March 20, 2020 (all times EST)

Friday night at Club Groove Café
5 to 7 PM: Jonathan Williger (Washington DC)
7 to 10 PM: Jarvi x Soraya (Chicago)
10 to 12 PM: Eric Hass (San Francisco)