Welcome to the New Groove Café

April 19, 2020
by host

Welcome! You're in the café, you're in the groove.

I'm so excited to announce that the new Groove Café launches today. Gone is the old Wordpress blog, and here is a fun, simple to navigate new site that (will soon be) fully accessible. Very special thanks to Nina Wexelblatt for helping out with the design, and to her family dog, who is pictured on the front page.

Since Groove Café launched in November 2017, the project has been one that's always morphing. Since that's the case, the front page is now set up so you can access whatever is the latest important thing we've been working on.

Right now, the most important Groove Café project is the Club Groove Café Livestream running once to twice a week for the duration of the COVID outbreak. Get over there to enjoy some wonderful music and hang in the chat. Check out the schedule to see what's coming up.

Expect some more announcements in the near future, including the a mix series archiving past streams, the official bathroom sign, a new release on the Groove Café label, and some more guides.


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